An Easy Guide to Toning Your Whole Body

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When it comes to getting in shape, there are a lot of muscle groups to worry about. From biceps to quads to hamstrings, it's easy to become overwhelmed before you even get started. However, toning your whole body doesn't have to be an endless list of exercises that will take you hours a day. If you're just getting back into exercising, here are a few tips to keep in mind to make your sessions more efficient.

Cross-Train Your Body

People who work out will tell you that cross-training is essential to stay fit. If all you do is run, your body will quickly adapt to it. You'll lose fewer calories every time you run until you plateau, and you'll do so at the expense of your other muscle groups. Your legs may get the muscles you crave, but your arms and core will lack the same definition.

The good news is that you don't have to invest a lot of time into switching it up. For example, you can run a mile on Tuesday and then lift 10-pound weights for 10 minutes on Thursday. On Saturday, you can use your 10-minutes to work on your midsection and core. You'll essentially give your body the jolt and rest it needs to start forming stronger muscles. This is the very definition of working smarter and not harder. 

Try a New Regimen 

Toning your body can involve doing different exercises on different days: push-ups on Mondays, sit-ups on Tuesday, lunges on Wednesday, planks on Thursday. All of these movements will tone everything from your biceps to your core to your glutes. Or if you feel like getting everything out of the way in one day, you can try a routine like the seven-minute workout. This quick and easy regimen is 12 exercises of just 30 seconds each in one workout.

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