How to Refresh and Renew Old Pillows

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Old pillows don’t exactly make you feel all warm and cozy as you’re falling asleep. You bought your pillows because they were fluffy and clean, but now they’re definitely showing their age. Do you have to buy new pillows and throw the old ones out? No! Instead, use these tips and tricks to refresh and renew older pillows.

Why Pillows Age

Pillows get old for a number of reasons. Oil is absorbed from your skin as you sleep. The constant pressure from you sleeping makes them lose their “fluffiness.” Also, mites shed their skin and excrement onto the pillow, making them appear dirty. As a result, pillows get yellow, flat and generally unappealing.

How to Wash Pillows

You can successfully launder old pillows. To do this, just use about a cup of regular laundry detergent, a cup of powdered dish detergent, a cup of bleach and about half a cup of borax. Just run the washable pillow through a regular cycle inside your washing machine. Even feather pillows and synthetic pillows can be washed in this way.

Next, soak the pillows first in the washing formula mentioned above. Fill the washing machine tub with hot water. Allow pillows to soak overnight. This will kill any bacteria and any other living organisms. 

Run the machine as a regular wash cycle, without spinning the pillows beforehand. This way, the same detergent formula that you used to soak the pillows will be used to clean the pillows.

How to Dry Pillows

You can lay pillows out in the sun to dry, which will help to brighten the whites. You can also run pillows through a regular dryer cycle. Either one will get the pillows dry. To fluff sun-dried pillows, run them through a non-heat cycle in the dryer for about 20 minutes. If you like, add a few drops of essential oil to the pillow before you run the dryer cycle to add an attractive scent to your pillows.

These tips and tricks will work with most pillows in your Cary, NC apartments. The only pillows that might not work are ones that are marked as non-washable, in which case you might have to bring them to a dry cleaner. For more tips on laundry aids or to see available floor plans, please contact us today.

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