5 Pet Safety Tips for Summer

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The summer heat poses a critical risk to our beloved pets’ health. We hope our Audubon Parc residents in Cary, North Carolina, find these summer safety suggestions helpful.

Hydration Is Job One

Hot days often cause pets, particularly dogs, to pant more heavily. During the exhaling process, they are prone to lose vital hydration. Although panting is your pet's way to lower its body temperature, excessive fluid loss can lead to a health risk. Always keep your pet's bowl supplied with cool, clean drinking water. If you have the option of bringing your beloved pet to a wading pool on hot days, that can be a welcome way to reduce heat stress.

Haircuts Are In Style This Summer

Breeds that grow hair all year long may benefit from a summer trim. The reduced insulation will likely offer them a welcome relief from the searing temperatures. But be sure to check with experts and groomers about whether giving your pet a trim is a wise decision. Certain breeds may suffer coat damage from being shaved.

Got Shade?

Direct sunlight can have a debilitating effect on pets. Animals with dark fur are even more prone to suffer from exposure because darker colors tend to absorb heat. Consider taking your pet for walks in parks and along trails that have sufficient tree cover and shade. Remember to stop after direct sunlight exposure and give them some time in a cool, shady spot.

Hot Cars Are Off Limits

It may seem okay to crack your vehicle windows and run into a store quickly during the cold winter months. That’s simply not the case during summer. The temperature inside your car, truck or SUV could leap up 20 degrees in a matter of minutes. Even if you have the best intentions of running in and out, there’s always that chance of a distraction or impediment. Your precious pet’s health and safety are not worth the risk. Either frequent pet-friendly stores or shop another day.

Enjoy the Cool Comforts of Home

This summer is bound to be another scorcher. On unseasonably hot days, make your furry friend comfortable in your digs. Set out a soft bed and keep the living space adequately air-conditioned. There’s no place like home to keep your pet happy, healthy, and out of harm’s way.

We hope our Audubon Parc community members find these pet safety tips helpful. If you or a friend would like more information about our Cary apartments, call us today

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