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Your bedroom can be a sleep sanctuary that assists you in getting the recommended 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. If you toss and turn, ruminate and worry, or simply don’t feel as if your bedroom is as comfortable as it could be, consider removing the following things from your nightly routine and sleeping area.

Get Better Sleep in Your Bedroom

Keep It Cool

Experts say the best temperature for the bedroom while sleeping is around 65 degrees. That may seem chilly, but your body will lower its temperature while sleeping anyway, so a too-warm room can interfere with the natural sleep cycle. If you wake up often during the night, try lowering the room’s temperature and sleeping on cooling pillows. You may sleep better when you remove blankets that are too heavy.

Make It Dark

The body’s natural sleep cycles or circadian rhythm is activated by light and dark environments. Make the bedroom as dark as you are comfortable with by using blackout curtains or curtains with liners. Even the light from street lamps is enough to keep some people awake. On the opposite end, when you need to wake up, you should flood the room with natural sunlight for a great start to the day.

The best sleep is had when you remove sources of light pollution from outside, and, if needed, sleep with a very low night light that is placed away from the bed.

Eliminate Tech Gadgets

Make the bedroom a place for sleep and not texting, office work or paying bills. You will be amazed at the sleep sanctuary you can create when you remove the TV, cellphones, laptops and tablets from the bedroom. Instead, opt for reading a novel or listening to soft music before turning out the light for sleep. If you have noise pollution from outside (traffic, garbage trucks, etc.), consider a white noise generator, which makes these ambient sounds less noticeable.

It may take time to adjust, but removing tech gadgets also removes the blue light exposure that is known to keep people awake.

Declutter the Bedroom

You will sleep better in an area that is clear from clutter. It is suggested that you keep the bedroom orderly and pleasant. Consider diffusing your favorite calming scents like lavender, jasmine or frankincense in the air. If your surroundings are chaotic, cramped or unpleasant — your sleep may be affected. Consider keeping the nightstand tidy, storing books and other items in bins underneath the bed, and keeping clothes hung in the closet.

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